I make things on the Web.

In fact, I make things with computers - sites, applications, games...

I am a keen traveller, looking work in far-flung locations. I'm currently living and working in Tokyo.

I'm after novel projects, not 9 to 5.

I'm fluent in all sorts - from Java, to Haskell, to PHP/MySQL/JS/XHTML.

Got an interesting proposal or role? Please get in touch.

I'm working on a new project, Him With The Glasses. There'll be something to show shortly. (Update: on hold due to life :( )

Pulse is a new thing I'm trying using LOVE / Lua.

I'm in the process of developing my largest project yet, Insert Coin, which I'm reluctant to discuss until I have something solid ready. Needless to say, it involves games.

In other game news, I'm also somewhere in development hell working on another game, a letter, using C# and XNA / Mono. We'll see when that arrives...

I also work for the fine people at Mucky Puddle, making web magic happen.

Finally, I undertake individual freelance projects. Please contact me on the Contact tab for more details. (Update: I'm packed out with work at the moment, but always interested in novel projects)

You can view my full CV (as of 2011) here, but I'd recommend checking LinkedIn for up to date information.

Some sites I've worked on - for my own enjoyment, as a freelancer, and for other web development firms (click to enlarge):

Him with the Glasses
December 2011 - January 2012
Solar Smart Energy
October 2011
Prams 4 Babies (eBay Store / Listing Template)
Go to Site
September - October 2011
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park
Go to Site
May - July 2011

More Info...
G1 Construction Scotland Ltd.
June/July 2011

I'm a (now less) recent graduate of the University of Glasgow, where I obtained a BSc (Hons) Computing Science (1st).

After graduation I worked on a 2 month project to develop a search engine and search application, ultimately making accessible ethnographic field notes from a large PhD study. This project is now complete - check it out here

I also submitted my fourth year undergraduate project for consideration in the CIKM 2011 information retrieval conference, in the 'demonstration' track. More details about this conference are available here.

The proposal document for the above submission can be viewed online - CIKM 2011 Pulse proposal.

My final year dissertation, 'Pulse - A Social Media Analysis Toolkit', can be downloaded here. Thrilling stuff!

During academic year 2010-2011 I was the recipient of both the University of Glasgow School of Computing Science Senior Honours Class Prize and Senior Honours Amor Project Prize for outstanding individual achievement and best project, respectively.

During academic year 2009-2010 I was the recipient of the University of Glasgow Department of Computing Science Junior Honours Class Prize and joint recipient of the Junior Honours IBM Team Project Prize for outstanding individual achievement and best team project, respectively.

Whilst I love tinkering with sites, I'm also a huge technology fan in general. Video games and development, in particular, are of great interest to me. I get all my news from Eurogamer.

I have also featured on a couple of episodes of Push All The Buttons, a great Glasgow gaming podcast made by some rather excellent people.

Travel is important to me, and I do my best to explore somewhere new and far-flung every year. I'm Japan right now, as it happens. Vietnam is also awesome.

I write code to Freezepop, Royksopp and Kings of Convenience.

I drink to The Go! Team, 2manydjs and Daft Punk.

I do the thinking to Boards of Canada, Symbion Project and Eluvium.

Likely locations right now: beer garden in sunny Glasgow, at my desk growing silently more angry at Lua, or in front of a classroom in a Japanese high school. True story.

You can mail me on paul (at) codinghands (dot) co (dot) uk, or give me a call on +81 80 3310 0993 (note this is a Japanese number and may cost you a lot of money to call).

I have a (seldom updated) Twitter feed.

Additionally I've been polishing my profile on LinkedIn.

I'm often on Xbox Live and PlaystationNetwork. My handle on both is pAndrewh.

Sorry, but I prefer to keep my Facebook account private. If you know me personally, feel free to drop me a line and I'll add you.